Things I'd Tell My Pre Teen Self

Monday, 23 September 2013

  1. You've always been the type who mixes well among non-malays. And you'll hate your teachers. Don't go with the flow. Just be yourself. 
  2. Your older neighbours will scold you over the smallest things. And they're gonna make you cry and blame you for many things. You'll be scared to tell mama if it happens because she won't let you play with them anymore if she knew. But you don't have to worry for too long because you're gonna move eventually. 
  3. Do not climb on the roof of the playground. Because it's scary as hell to get back down. 
  4. For some reason, you like weird girly shoes with heels and feathers. Don't. 
  5. You'll rarely be chosen to be on anyone's team during PE lessons and you'll learn to grow hating PE and sports. I actually don't have any advice for that heh! 
  6. When you were in Primary Three, there's this boy named Nicholas who has a crush on you and you won't realize it till your classmates tell you. Be nice to him but don't lead him on. Anyways, you'll be moving the next year and he'll be migrating to Australia too. 
  7. In primary four, you'll be the new kid. The guys will love to bully you and they'll call you names for being tall. Don't get offended. They mean no harm. 
  8. You'll meet Sabila. And Alim and Suhardi who are the best people in the world. They'll help you fit in. 
  9. You don't like taking the school bus after school. Just take it anyways. 
  10. Haizrul's gonna be down with some sort of illness and would be on MC for like a month. Collect his homework and send it to his house everyday.
  11. You'll have your first crush and fight over him with Sabila. It's ridiculous. Don't do it. 
  12. You'll mix with the cool crowd in primary five. Mum thinks they're a bad influence. They are. But don't stop being friends with them. They're still nice and they'll be there for you. 
  13. Do not get an extra piercing. Mama's gonna kill you. 
  14. You'll have like six different tutors in two years.
  15. Eventually, those friends are gonna hate you (especially after you rebonded your hair). For some reason, they'll find you arrogant etc etc and maybe it's true. And it's gonna be lonely. Stick with the guys (Haizrul, Aliff, Suhardi especially). They cause less drama.
  16. In Primary 6, you'll be enrolled into this tuition group thing where you'll meet your first boyfriend. His kinda nice and kinda cute but don't expect anything big. You were both young and stupid but when you look back it's gonna be the cutest relationship ever! 
  17. You'll have this friend, Iskandar, who'll treat you like a younger sister. 
  18. Don't be sad over your PSLE score. There is no shame in getting into the Normal Academic stream.
  19. You're gonna be enrolled into Zhenghua Sec where you'll spend the best and worst years. 
  20. When you feel like no one loves you, always remember to love yourself. 

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