September Playlist

Monday, 30 September 2013

Hi everyone! 

First off, I received quite an overwhelming response from my last post. Like 80 views within a few hours! Thanks guys! 

So anyways since September is coming to an end like very soon, I just thought that I'd share with all of you my mostly played songs in my playlist. Some of it are really mainstream, really old and slow and well don't mind me lah ya, I like slow and emotional songs heh! 

That's about it. Not that these are the only songs I listen to but they are just random favourites. I am like really slow when it comes to like new songs so if you think you have the same taste of music as me then let me know the latest songs lah ya! 

I hope that all of you had spent your month well. Mine was pretty bumpy with lots of drama along the way but I'm just glad that some people stayed to take the ride with me :) To be honest, I am so scared for October to come because firstly, I am starting a new semester which people claim is tougher and secondly, I'll be turning 19 on the 23rd! Okay idk if I should be looking forward to the second one. People ask if I'm having a big party like last year and the answer is, no :) Because seriously I am scared as hell to be turning 19 like omg one more year till my teenage life is overrrrrr!

Maybe when I'm 30 I'll do a "What I'd Tell My Teen Self" post heheheheh someone remind me okay! 

Goodnight guys and wishing you guys a fun and spooky October! 

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