Girly Time!

Saturday, 5 October 2013
Hi everyone! 

So I'm gonna make this super short and sweet. Well 97% of this post is gonna consist mainly of photos so yeah here goes! 

Had the girls came over yesterday and omg it has literally been forever since I had my friends come over. In short, mum cooked their favourite mee goreng and made hot chocolate hehehehe what a combo! Of course we had the beverage like much later. Had Naz bought a huge bag of Lays because it has also been a long time since I had them. Turned on the TV but ended up playing make up instead. It was a dream come true k I swear. And how idiotic of Naz to think that nail polish could be removed with soap and water oh my goddddddd nazxzxzxzxz! 

Other then that, it was my bad fringe day. Had my headband on almost the entire afternoon and then they told me to take it off but it still looked like meh. 

We camwhored a lot too so enjoy the photos! 

Okay I did not edit any of these photos k seriously our skin looked flawless at it is! Super mega ultra love my cammy now!

(Speaking of which I reallyyyyy wanna name my camera just that I can't think of a name meh)

PS: The floral crown belongs to Azmirah and it was meant for a photoshoot. Never had the chance to return it back to Mirah and I feel awful because it has been quite some time already. Someone remind me pls! 

Okay goodnight all! 

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