Sunday, 20 October 2013

Back To School!

Hello everyone! 

I hope all of you have had a pleasant first week of school so far :) This week was kinda short because our official first day started on Wednesday unlike some other polys. I don't know if it's a good thing because now we have twice as much make up lectures and tutorials! 

My first week was kind of okay. Still trying to adjust to the new modules I'll be taking. To be honest, I kinda miss having truckloads of assignments. I know you've heard me said this a thousand times but I still am glad to not be taking some bullshit module which doesn't have any direct relation to nursing. Anyways only five modules this time round and I really wanna do well.

Apart from that, the best part about school is obviously meeting my friends again. 7 weeks of no school is just too long! We never really go the time to catch up during our vacation because everyone's so busy with attachments and overseas trips and stuff. Oh yes, and I'm so happy that the new building is already up! Already had one lecture there and I had a strong feeling that it was gonna be cold in there so it was a good thing I brought my jacket! Having escalators in the school is like being in a foreign land because we're so used to going up and downhill to our classes, especially for the science students. But anyways yeayness to escalators!

I'm prolly also the only one who's already thinking of which elective module to take in year three. It's a scary thought k I swear. Obviously the module which interests me the most is the hardest and the easiest module is the most boring one, hah. Or maybe I'm not really certain of the insight of those modules yet but anywho! To my batchmates who are reading this, these are the modules offered in year three which we could choose from :) 
  • Drug Discovery & Development 
  • Clinical Trials & Intellectual Property Management 
  • Immunology & Oncology 
  • Health Informatics 
I wish I could go on and talk more about what has been happening in my life (yes, only three days of school and my life is already so hectic!) but I got two tests to study for. And ah gawd I have three hours of tutorial with my least favourite lecturer on Tuesday. Birthday week starts tomorrow and I don't know if I should be excited or scared because Liyana said she's gonna bash me some time this week. K shit now I'm scared HAHA. So although my birthday dinner is cancelled (and trust me I'm friggin devastated like who wouldn't be right?!) I'm still gonna appreciate whatever and enjoy it. Like I have to kay it's my last year of being a teenager & I'll be friggin 20 next year OMGGGGG.

Goodnight everyone!

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