Red Hair & Other Things

Sunday, 13 October 2013
Hi hi everyone! 

So sorry for the lack of updates. Not that I've been busy, just that there hasn't been much to blog about lately. Nonetheless, I'll still blog whatever that's happening. 

I guess the major thing I did during this semester break is dying my hair rrrrrrred!

I never thought that there would ever be a day when I would dye my hair red. People have been telling me that I (or practically Asians with my skin tone) won't look good in red hair. Besides, I went to a couple of salons and asked if red suited me and they all disagreed. So I finally went to my hairdresser (which I should have done in the first place) and asked what hair colour looks nice on me and she said red. I was actually kind of afraid that it wouldn't look nice but it turned out pretty okay and I'm satisfied with it ^^ I'm prolly gonna get hell from my teachers when school reopens and when some stuck up lecturer approaches me and asks me to dye my hair black etc etc, I'd just spray it mehhhhh! 

I also managed to survive five days of driving lessons this week which was quite an accomplishment. Went on the road during the second session which was kinda fast. Dad's pretty keen on teaching me to drive as well. Just hope that he has the patience to do so when the time comes heh!

Moving on! Went to Marina with my fam for dinner at Manhattan Fish Market also. 

Oh ya but before that, my mum, sister and I went to Plaza Singapura. Bought some snack from M&S because we were starvingggg. 

These were on sale k and omg I just love food from M&S. I actually grew up eating the ginger cookies and the digestive biscuits and I love themm! I have actually decided to use some portion of my pay to buy them every month. It's like my contribution to the family. Okay right? Better than buying clothes and shoes meh. 

Alright MFM next! 

Oh just in case any of you don't know the answer, it's because Fishes Are Afraid Of The Net. HAHAHAHAHAHA GET IT?!?!!?!?!

Oh and check out my kicks I wore that day!! 

I rarely ever wear them out because they're so hard to walk in heh. These are actually limited edition and they have only one pair for each size. Plus, different sizes have different designs. Ok ok not trying to brag la ya, was just saying hahahaha. And omg thank god for the discount I could get from my cousin who works there at the time! 

So as usual, mum and I shared the platter. We always always always order together kkk. 

One thing I love about MFM is the garlic rice (garlic right? HAHA.) It's to die for. 

Moving on! Went around the mall afterwards. Dad and sis bought ice cream and I'm so glad I didn't. It's just too sinful! 

(On a side note, my hair kinda looks like reddish brown in photos. Meh.) 
And I kinda envy my sister's pure virgin black hair here :( 

Apart from all that, Sophia turned 13 a few days back and as usual, we went over for a surprise birthday gathering! 

Again, I managed to resist my temptation to eat more than one slice of cake *pats back* Can't help it k all our birthday cakes are always (chocolate) yummy! 

Wouldn't be very hard to guess which present was from us ;) 

Lastly, for those of you who hasn't heard, the Cory Monteith tribute episode is already out. Watched it twice and it never fails to make me cry *sniffs* I guess you'd feel the same way if you've been a true gleek ever since the first season. Anywho, if you wanna watch the episode, click here

Ending of this post with my favourite song in the episode


And a cheeky selca

Bye guys! 

PS: If you wanna know why the video was cut short, watch the episode ;) 


  1. Hi babeeee! Idk when or how but i became such an avid reader of your blog. Hahaha. Keep it going. And omg in loveeeeeee with your hair!!

    1. He he he thanks thanks ah! I love your blog also!! See you in school!