Last hour As An 18 year old.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Roughly 19 years ago, a young couple lived together at the east side of this sunny island. They just got married on January that year and the woman got pregnant to her first child a couple of months later. Nine months passed. On one October night while the man was watching a soccer match with his late father, his wife came into the living room and said (I assumed they were panicking but I wasn't sure) that her amniotic bag had ruptured. She and her mother-in-law were all set to go to the hospital but the men wanted to continue watching the game. They obviously rushed to the hospital after that for the soon-to-be mother to give birth. After many hours of labour and lots of effort trying to push the baby out, the doctor said that it she was unable to deliver due to the infant's weak heart. Before resorting into a C-section, the doctor tried retrieving the baby through assisted delivery. Yes, forceps. Unfortunately, husbands weren't allowed to be in the room during the procedure so it was quite a bummer that he was not able to witness the birth of his first born. Eventually the baby got out and tadaaa, the baby was finally delivered.

Yeah that was pretty much the story of how I was born. 

It's just amazing how 19 years flew by that fast. Maybe I'm not 19 yet but I can't believe that exactly this moment 19 years ago, I was still inside my mother's uterus refusing to come out or somehow rather not being able to come out because I was weak. I remembered mum telling me that my eyes were damn huge when I was out. I didn't even cry. I was starring at the ceiling with my eyes wide open. Which is weird. Like I'm destined to be a blur sotong hah! I think my APGAR score was prolly like a 6 to 8 but nonetheless, here I am now! Red hair, big teeth, button nose and a distorted right eyebrow because mum accidentally cut some of it off when I was younger and it didn't grow back :( 

So thanks to the oddest couple from 19 years ago for giving life to this narcissistic, self centered, insecure and forever hungry baby girl. To be honest I lost count of the number of times I told my parents that I envy them for having such an awesome daughter, HAHAHAHA. 

Thanks to the relatives and friends who has been there for me throughout also and I apologise if I ever sounded spoilt or unappreciative about my birthday plans (or about anything heh!). Shall be bringing my camera to school tomorrow and doing a lot of camwhoring whenever I can because I wanna finish my scrapbook before my next birthday! You'll know why once it's done ;)

Last year of being a teenager before the big 20. I better rest now because I haven't had a class at 8am for the longest time and out of all days and out of all modules, it had to be tomorrow and it had to be godforsaken pharmacology. Ergh. 

Goodnight everyone and happy birthday to me (in like an hour!). 

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