Tuesday, 29 October 2013
Hi guys.

 I know it's prolly too late to blog about my birthday but I'm just gonna do it anyways. I actually didn't want to blog about this because it seems like I lost so much and by blogging about it it's like going back to the moment it happened. 

It's been really exhausting lately. Came to school one day realizing that I'm not the only one who's life seems to be going downhill. It's just pretty cool to be able to go through this with a few other people. There are times when I just thought that oh, maybe it's just one of those obstacles God's making me go through because He knows I'm strong and stuff but on the other hand, my life was just great before it all happened. I'm not trying to question God's plans for me but it just seems unfair. 

 Life sucks so badly right now and I have a million more things to say but doing so doesn't changes things. So here goes. 

My birthday fell on a Wednesday, which was awesome because I ended at 4. Brought my camera to school and camwhored with a few of my favourite people. 

Brought along my favourite RVCs baked by my aunt to give to my friends also :) 

Obviously the birthday girl has to have a big lunch ^^

Didn't manage to take photos with my year one classmates but I did manage to meet some of them and I'm so shocked that I got presents! :) 

Mum cooked Salmon that day because it's my favourite. It's like my favourite fish in the world. 

My parents actually got me to go to my neighbour's house to collect the cake. She obviously didn't tell me what it was but I was really surprised by it :) 

Oh gosh. 19 candles. Acabelieve it. 

And anyone wants to make a guess what flavour it isssss?? *cheeky face* 


Yezzy it's cookies and cream omnomznomznomz!

Okay so you may skip this part because it's just gonna be the photos of more surprises mehehehe. 

Got this mini make up kit more than a month ago. My mum and I were looking around in Sephora and I came across various ranges of make up kits from benefit. Was in dilemma to decide which kit I want for my birthday and I chose this one :) 

It's awesome k I swear! There are even tips on how to apply them and stuff. 

Also got this perfume from the girls. Always wanted something from Victoria Secret awh. 

Last surprise for the night! 

Yes my very own polaroid camera!

Thanks to everyone for the gifts and wishes :) Love you guys *spams hugs and kisses*

Moving on, we went to Fika that weekend to celebrate mine and daddy's birthday. (We have another dinner coming up too hehehe). 

Didn't edit these photos cus I was just too lazy heh. 

It was pretty crowded but I loved the interior decorations. 

The food was mega ultra delicious! I honestly did not expect it to be so tasty! It was by far the most unique restaurant I have ever been to! 

Will definitely go there again one day :) 

Dropped by Tangs to get some of the world's best doughnuts also. 

Yeap that's about it. Ending off this post with another selfie. 

Really hope that all of you are doing better than I am. I don't know how long it'll take for me to move on but in the mean time I'm just gonna grin and bear it. 

Goodnight everyone :) 

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