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Wednesday, 6 November 2013
Hi all! 

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately. Unfortunately for you, this won't be a very long post also so I'm just gonna do a quick update on what's up. 

Remember when I said that I thought I was the only one who's life seemed to be going downhill? It just so turns out that the clouds have lifted a bit, for most of us at least. I admit that there are times when I'll tend to get emotional but other than that, I'm doing fairly well in my social life and constantly surrounding myself around people than being alone. No doubt that I feel like I don't fit in almost 80% of the time (excluding the time I spend with the usuals of course, they're the greatest!) but it's better than being alone. 

Life's been great. I wished things didn't have to change but sometimes change can be good and I'm at the stage where I'm trying to look at the bright side of all the changes that's been occurring lately. Including Rafiq not being around very often because of NS. I still get to talk to him though. Not as often as before but better than nothing. In addition to that, the piglets brought me out as a belated birthday surprise which I can't wait to blog about! There's just soooo many photos to edit so I'll have it done by this weekend! 

A lot of things to be done in so little time. 

  • My interview for the Australia Attachment Exchange Program is tomorrow and I have to come up with a draft and do some research on the preferred university I would like to attend. It won't be confirmed if I'm selected but I'm keeping my fingers crossed! There's always other trips available ;) 
  • Have a test this Friday, again. And my teacher refuses to give us pointers this time round :(
  • My practical test is next week. 
  • First integrated test next week also. 
Other than that, the seniors have all gone out for their final lap in poly life. How time flies. 

Alright I'm ending off with my new favourite song from the show 'Side Effects'. Youtube it!

Goodnight everyone!

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