Saturday, 30 November 2013

Class BBQ!

Hi everyone! 

Yes, I am back with another post! Feels like my blog's finally alive and my stats has been off the roof lately! So glad to know that there are actually people out there reading my blog. Very often I would try not to make it about me only cus let's face it, my life would be kinda boring if it weren't for all these outings, hah! 

Moving on, my class had a BBQ today and to be frank, I wasn't keen in going at first because I was kind of upset that the other half of the tutorial class got uninvited due to lack of space (most of my closest friends were from that class) and I'm afraid that I would feel isolated since Aini would be coming late and Liyana wasn't coming at all. Anyways, a couple of them managed to persuade me to come so I did and I honestly didn't expect to have so much fun! 

Not even lying guys, I really enjoyed myself today ^^

It was held at SQ's place and I just have to say that it was so gorgeous! I fell in love with the ambiance the moment I laid eyes on the surroundings. I guess the only annoying thing about condos is that a card is needed to gain access to the lifts. Other than that, everything else there was so breathtaking. 

Didn't take much photos on the surroundings but anyways, here's what I got! I apologize for the blurry photos.  

Ah yes and we surprised Shark because his birthday is just around the corner, whoop whoop! 

Okay I actually took the photo of the cake before Shark saw it, hehe!

And here's Eugene, Jerome and Afiq lighting up the candles!

Headed to the function room to take a group photo because it was the only place with good lighting heh. 

And here's the birthday boy with his prezzies!

He actually managed to guess what was in it before unwrapping the present k like serzly if I were him I'd be like "Oh no it couldn't be, it would be too good to be true!"

But fortunately, it wasn't!

I honestly don't know how to explain his obsession for Gordon Ramsay. His been sending us photos of him in his chef/cook uniform and with the food he created. 

Shark, you're so gonna be the first nurse to start his own restaurant!

Aini & Ing Ing bought him something too!

So happy lah hor! 

Afterwards when everyone else went out again, Aini, Iris and I stayed in the function room because it was so cosy and cold mehehehe!

I actually felt bad for not helping out in anything (except for buying the plastic cups they already gotten, hahaha!). I just helped in packing up the unfinished food and giving them out to those who wants to bring it home. Perangai melayu lor!

Here's the gorgeous Iris & Angie!

Another attempt at a group photo before Jerome left. 

Speaking of which, it just occurred to me that we went out the day before to Arab Street! HEHEHE!

Was so sad when he left :( 

Anyways! Pictures with/of the birthday boy now! 

With our mentor, Miss Thet Thet! Hands down, the most encouraging lecturer ever!

And just when we were about to leave, I saw a couple of packets of marshmallows and suggested that we play chubby bunny! Then they got mad when I decided not to play because I am secretly terrified that I would end up vomiting and frankly I just enjoy taking that video and laughing at them HAHAHA! 

Winner was Eugene with 9 marshmallows in his mouth! HAHAHA!

Went up to SQ's apartment because everyone was talking about the incredible view from her balcony and now I know why they all loved it so much.  

It's certainly one of the most amazing views ever! Just imagine waking up every morning with such a beautiful sight! It's something I certainly would never get bored of!  

Anyways, these are the last photos before we all went home!

Yeah, that pretty much sums up my day. 

Also got some stationary from Miss Thet Thet as an early Christmas present! So useful! Can't wait to put them to good use for my attachment! 

On a side note, I managed to get some stuff for Daddy's belated present!

Told him that it would be good to place it on his table at his workplace but then he went to put it on the cabinet and in the living room. But I'm glad that I'm finally able to get him something!

So yeap, that's about it. Thanks to the most irrinoying classmates for making my day such a good one! Really had a blast :) 

This is prolly my last blog post before my attachment starts. Definitely would not have time to blog during the next two weeks but I'll be back with something new as always! 

Goodnight all! xx

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