Cafe Hunting: I Am & Working Tittle

Thursday, 28 November 2013
Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi everyone! 

Yessssssss my common tests are finally over, which means yay holidays! *throws confetti* Okay nah kidding, I'm having my attachment before my break, boo. Just can't wait to get it done and over with! 

Today was pretty awesome! Met up with Abg Anis & Kak Dilah at bugis and afterwards we headed to Haji Lane for my first time (yes, first time!) and went to like two cafes within less than two hours plus! 

 I honestly can't explain how much I really love hanging out at cafes. It's prolly because I'm into vintage settings and the food is different from anywhere else. Going to cafes feels like stepping into a new world because there's not many places in Singapore like it. It's the interior decorating and the good food the good company makes it a cherry on a tall glass of sundae (or froyos because froyos > ice cream any day, meh!). 

Moving on, we walked down the lane and I was pretty surprised with what they have there. It's like a quieter and less crowded version of Bugis Street! I was so tempted to get so many things (saw a lot of cute socks for like $13 for three pairs or smth like that). Didn't actually regret not buying anything though. It was just one of those places which sells a gazillion and one nice clothes which wouldn't fit me tsk. 

I'll let the photos do the talking from here because I'm actually kinda exhausted and I've got another long day tomorrow with the clique. I took these with my phone because I forgotten to bring my camera so I apologize in advance for the unclear photos! 

 *note to self: good lighting makes good quality photos. 

Goodnight all!

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