Saturday, 16 November 2013

Things to do before I graduate.

  1. Play a sport
  2. Skip lectures
  3. Skip tutorials 
  4. Watch a movie straight after school
  5. Borrow a book from the library 
  6. Appear in the school magazine
  7. Eat at all the canteens 
  8. Attend my graduation dinner 
  9. Go to an overseas trip
  10. Study at SIM because it's cosy
  11. Be a group leader for camp 
  12. Be a game master for camp 
  13. Crash someone's lecture 
  14. Go to the Freshmen Dance Party
  15. Stay in the loft 
  16. Try all Subway cookies 
  17. Go for an overseas trip
  18. Wear platforms to school 
  19. Stop taking the campus shuttle bus 
  20. Run around the blue track 
  21. Date someone who goes to poly also 
  22. Do a science experiment involving my body cells 
  23. Get an A for my practical test 
  24. Get sponsored
  25. Have a mini photo shoot in school
  26. Pass my NAPFA at my first try 
  27. Go to gymwerkz
  28. Wear make up for a whole term 
  29. Not skip any lessons for a whole term
  30. Diploma! 

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