Wednesday, 13 November 2013

prettyloved_ review + giveaway!

Hi girls!
Ever always wondered how to dress up your hair and to make you look more feminine no matter how rugged your outfit looks? Two words babies: Floral headbands. 

Yes yes yes I am finally doing my first review/non sponsored advert! 

The owners of this cute instashop consists of a mother and her two daughters. How fun is it to be working with your mum and sister right?! Everything has a girly touch to it and the awesome thing is that the floral headbands matches everything! 

I bought two for myself and I am completely in love with them! It's just so easy and convenient and I usually take 2 minutes tops to put it on! 

I actually wore it out two days consecutively on one weekend!

One of these headbands that I bought was customized by meselv, heheh! If you know me well, I'm sure you'll know which is it ;) 

If you guessed the pink roses then you are right! 

Okay shameless selfies now! 

The owner who I worked with on how I would want my headband to look like was really pleasant and open minded. She actually sent me a gazillion photos of the flowers they have for their headbands and there was a variety to choose from! 

And good news ladies, they have just bought a new batch of flowers!

And I don't know about you guys but I am definitely impressed and intrigued by all the work they've done!

Not a fan of roses? Fret not!


Here are some FAQs which might be on your mind right now. 

Q: What is the price range of the headbands?
A: The price ranges from $5 onwards (might be limited but will be selling more $5 headbands in December). The usual price would be $10, $12 and $14. 

Q: How often to do you get your materials for your headbands?
A: We just started over a month ago and so far we purchased our materials once every two weeks due to overwhelming response :) 

Q: The headband I want is out of stock. Are you able to remake it?
A: If a headband is OOS, we will try our best to customize a similar piece or discuss an alternative design with our customer as we have a range of different flowers, colours and sizes to choose from! 

Q: Do you make headbands for events?
A: Yes we do take orders for events. We have so far had 2 customized orders for bridesmaids. We also take orders for parties, graduations, weddings, DnDs and any other events. We will try our best to meet with your expectations :) 


Okay more exciting news now. 
prettyloved_ will be having a giveaway! *throws confetti* 

The giveaway will include one floral headband + a Zalora discount voucher! 2 winners will be chosen by this Sunday, 17 Nov. All you gotta do is follow this two steps. 

1. Follow @prettyloved_ on instagram! 

2. Post a photo of yourself in one of their headbands (if you have already purchased it)/screenshot your favourite headbands made by them and put it in a collage and tell your followers in your caption what you love about them/what is the most interesting thing about them!

For instance! 

Do not forget to tag them and add #prettylovedgiveaway on your caption before uploading them on your instagram! 

And yes guys, I was in my PJs when I took these photos. Was just so excited to blog about them and I didn't had the time for an outdoor photoshoot k tsk :( 

On a side note, since this is my first review, comment below on what you think of it and what I can do to improve! My comment box is open to public so you don't need a google account to comment :) 

Have fun and good luck! 

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