Saturday, 7 December 2013
I have to be honest here.
I miss pointless blogging and random photo editing. Here goes nothing. 

It's December now and I'm like at the state where I can't remember most things that happened this year. I am so afraid with what's about to come. For all I know, I might wake up one morning and realize that I am already a staff nurse. These attachments I've been having ever since year one had given me a glimpse of what life is like in the working world - that sometimes your co-workers may stab you in the back and that the scoldings from your lecturers is nothing as compared to bosses. 

Back to the point. People often tell me that I'm still young and there's always time to make mistakes and learn from there (in other words, YOLO) but I just can't believe how quickly one year has gone by. 

I'll be reaching my twenties soon and I'm feeling kind of sad about it. They tell me to accomplish as much as I can while I'm still in my teens. Accomplishments like travel with friends, have sleepovers, snuggle up in bed with someone special. I know these are stupid accomplishments through an adult's point of view. Maybe when it comes to living my life, I can get pretty delusional and unrealistic. 

Anyways, yeah it's December and prolly winter in the western hemisphere. I don't know if I love winter, considering that I have already experienced it while I was in China but I definitely missed the ambiance. How the people dressed up and the leafless trees and having cold wind blowing against your cheeks and not forgetting wrapping our arms around each other to feel warm even when we're out in public. 

Apart from the fact that this month is a reminder that I'm growing up too fast, I kinda love it. It gives me the feel to wanna travel around the world because it's a holiday almost everywhere. 

I'd love to travel more than anything and I believe no one can ever understand even when I explain why. My parents would rarely ever take my future plans to travel around the world seriously and I honestly can't wait for the day when I would make my own plans to go overseas. 

 If I was given a chance to actually live in another country (of my liking of course), I would probably accept the offer. 

I feel like just to be able to go to another country and for once, located at a different continent, would be the best thing that has happened to me. 

I have friends whose biggest achievements are seeing 1/7 wonders of the world or experiencing all four seasons etc. If anyone were to ask me what's my biggest achievement so far would be getting into poly *yawns* Not that I'm not proud of it. I just wished that I could do more. 

The reason why I feel like I should do this travelling thing now is because I would be so so soooo busy with school/future work related stuff. I'll be spending roughly a whole semester out on clinical attachment in senior year and after which I'll be graduating. And for the next three years after that I would work my ass off and by the end of that, I'd already be 24 but really, who stops working at 24 right? I'm still unfamiliar with the kind of schedule nurses have but I rarely ever heard of a nurse having off days enough for them to travel. 

Come to think of it, I don't know if I'll ever get to travel to somewhere exotic but if I don't, I'll pretty much feel incomplete for a long time. 

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  1. What!!! You reaching 20s already!!!! I am so getting old!! Aaaahhhhhh!!!! Soon you will probably be in my shoes and reading Naira's blog. Gulp!

    "Accomplishments like travel with friends, have sleepovers, snuggle up in bed with someone special." Nop it should not be done in your teens! Especially snuggling up in bed with someone special! Ok I really beginning to sound old!
    I think you are actually doing so much better than some other teens I know, (like myself!) Save a lot and a lot of money so you can travel far and not just anywhere, but exotic places like Dubai, Egypt, Switzerland, the whole of Europe and not just Paris! Save for places like New York, even Africa! Believe me darling, you will still have time to travel and travelling in your adult life will be so much better than when you are teen cos you will learn to appreciate it better (and able to spend more on things you love!).

    You will never know what tomorrow will bring and who you will meet. Maybe there is that suave, sensitive, RICH guy for you to meet in that adult life and believe me, it will be worth the wait! "Good things ALWAYS comes to those who waits......... Hugzzzz!!!!!

    Kak Dilah