Cafe Hunting: Beanstro, + January Haul

Friday, 3 January 2014
Hey munchkins! 

First off, happy 2014! What other way to start the year by posting about food right? *cheeky face* 

My parents and I decided to go to Beanstro today for dinner. My fam's a super big fan of coffee bean and we've been wanting to dine here ever since we found out about it's existence. Well, initially my parents wanted to go there alone but since I tagged along, they can't simply force me to wait outside rightttt? MEHEHEHE. 

Oh and in case you're wondering, my sister was at home. Prolly watching some TV with her friends. So yeap it was just me and my parents! I honestly can imagine how much more luxurious my life would be if I was the only child. Then again, my life would be so dull. No one to bully or to gossip with and I would prolly be the spoilest brat ever! 

HAHA okay back to the topic!

The desserts were somewhat similar.

There was certainly much more variety of food to order from rather than the regular CBTL. 

Some vvvv awkward selfies :) 

Okay guys omg!
Am I the only one who has never seen a sugar cube before?!

It's so cute sia omgggg I kennut!

As usual, had the cafe hazelnut. 

I would usually get the ice blended but I'm still recovering from the worst sore throat ever. Not that this made it any better :p

Okay food photos now! I can't really remember the specific name of each dish so hehehe, go figure ya!

To be reaaaaaaaaal honest, 
I didn't really like the food here. It was pretty salty. Ok no, very salty. It's amazing that my family would be able to finish a meal no matter how bad it tastes. Maybe it was just the food that I ordered or maybe it's just this particular outlet. Anyways, I heard that they sell waffles here so I'm gonna give this place another go in the future :)

Some more random photos!

So that's Beanstro for you :) 

Now on to my haul of the month! 
Ok it is not much because I assume that I won't be doing anymore shopping since school's starting and all. I definitely bought more stuff last month but I only have time to do what I bought recently. So here goes! 

Momsie bought me a pair of birks today! It was pretty impromptu but she thought that I was in desperate need of comfortable footwear since all I have been wearing were boots. I didn't really like birks initially - with the plain designs and all and I was more into those mainstream brands like Timberland and Dr Marts. It actually caused me to be at risk of being flat footed, which is embarrassing! And yes, I am a size 40. Surprisingly, this is one of the smaller sizes I have cus originally, I'm a 41. I always hated having big feet, ergh.

Mom also got me this tribal bag. There were actually a lot of designs and I could tell that the sales person was pretty pissed with me taking my own sweet time and all. HEHEHE oopsie! Anyways, decided to go for that colour instead. 

there's the too faced bronzer that my sister got for me!

The reason she got me this was because she's receiving a bursary and she decided to get me something! We were at Sephora and I was contemplating on what to get and when I finally decided on a bronzer, we searched the entire store for a brand and finally decided on Too Faced - because that was the only brand with bronzers -.- 

Lastly, prolly the best buy of the month. 

I have been in love with Lang Leav ever since I discovered her around twitter. She's a really amazing poet and I can often relate to most of her work. I've never really been into books because I have an attention span of a five year old and I never really got to finish reading a book but it took me twenty minutes to finish this one! Perhaps cus it wasn't a storybook, but the content certainly blew my mind away!

I'm ending off this post with some random pages of her book. I could feel my body temperature rising and I think I should better have some rest now. 


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