First Day

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Hey guys! 
So I thought I should blog about today since it's the first school day of the year and let me just say that it is days like this that I feel like I should have done more during the holidays. 

I just realized that I have two tests every week for the whole month. I end at 7pm almost everyday. To top it off, I have projects for every friggin module. Seriously though, I thought I was done with presentations after 2.2 but apparently not. I have two more presentations this week, which we're barely prepared for. My group has this amazing ability where we are able to complete our assignments at the last minute. But it's certainly nothing to be proud of. It's just adding to the stress we're already having. My friends and I were literally on the verge of having a mental breakdown and all of us had weird ways of expressing them. 

Moving on, we're also in the midst of preparing for senior year. With everything that has been going on, I'm actually starting to wonder if I could even make it to year three. I've never really been doubtful when it comes to advancing to the next year no matter how badly I did during the year but this time round, my confidence level is at its all time low. 

I shan't dwell into it. I've also already chosen the elective module I'll be taking next semester - which I would gladly exempt myself from if given the choice - and people were kind of startled when they found out that I chose health informatics as I have never been the technical kind of person. I guess all of us are at the state where we are trying to figure out which module is easier to cope with rather than which interests us more. Nonetheless, I'm satisfied with my choice :) 

I just can't wait for this term to be over. I don't know if year three is something I should be looking forward to, but I know that I just want to get this shit over and done with. It sure feels like it's gonna be downright sucky from now and till it gets better, I'll just grin and bear it.

Ah, well :( 

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