Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A new feel

14 things to take note of
  1. Eat healthy. Life is gonna suck without the sweet stuff, but it's gonna be worth it. 
  2. Music is not your only friend. 
  3. Do not say that nobody understands unless you've tried explaining it to them.
  4. Bringing yourself closer to God is one thing, but being an ass to the rest of the world is another. 
  5. Refrain from booking driving lessons which starts at 7.30. 
  6. Try different flavours of ice blended during your next few visits to CBTL. 
  7. Comb your hair every morning, or you're gonna regret it later. 
  8. For your 20th birthday, do not expect much. 
  9. Bad days are inevitable. But it's just a sign that better days are coming around. 
  10. You've invested almost 1/4 of your allowance on cosmetics and facial products. Make full use of it. 
  11. Be thankful.
  12. Poetry contains so much beauty.
  13. Work hard and win the race for yourself, not for anyone else. 
  14. Drink plenty of water. 

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