NP Open House 2014 - The HS Way

Saturday, 11 January 2014
Hi hi hi hi everyone! 

I'm sure all of us are pretty much looking forward to the weekend to get some well deserved rest from an extremely long week. Updates on tests and presentations and not to mention, extra lessons are driving me insane! 

Anyways, I am so so certain that all the polytechnics had been busy with open house preparations. I love that NP always comes up with bright ideas to attract the public's attention - and by that I'm referring to the huge signs outside the school. It amazes me that NP has been around for fifty years and it is constantly upgrading all the time! When I first entered, the newest addition was the renovated sports complex as well as Blk 73 (where Munch is). In such a short period, Makan Place has been renovated with the most cosiest lecture theatres and classrooms. Plus! They're making a new hangout place which would be ready in less than a year (if I'm not mistaken). I guess the only thing which is constant really is change ;) 

Tomorrow's the last day of open house so whether you're planning to come or not, here's what the school of health sciences have prepared for you! 

HS is basically the smallest school on campus mainly because there's only two full time courses offered in this school. We do however have a real ICU & OT setting in the building. It is as cool as it sounds guys, that I can promise you! :) 

So we'll start off with the first course! 

While I was ushering a group of students around the school, I always loved going to the opto lab. It's certainly more calm than the hectic upper levels, HAHA. 

I'm always very intrigued by all the instruments they use. I can't really recall what it's call but I liked the thing they use to measure the eye pressure when the machine "spurts" out air onto the eye. I have had my fair share of studying about the human eye during my anatomy and physiology lecture in year one but I never really realized how fascinating the eye is until I visited the optometry lab! 

I guess optometrists play an important role in  the healthcare industry as well! I mean just imagine, most of us would prolly have lost our sight if they didn't exist!

They have a photo booth too! 

The machine I talked about! 

Silly Pearly. 
She wanted a slutty photo with the skeleton and add the caption "always that something xtra". HAHA.

This is definitely not all from the lab so do visit to find out more! 

Moving on!

People would rarely believe it when I say that the full name of my diploma is Diploma in Health Sciences (Nursing). Well, it is people! Health sciences is a rather generic term so what it basically means is that most graduates from this diploma can most likely take up any job in the health care industry. Nursing is not the only career in health care, mind you. For me, I'd regard it as a stepping stone. I would most definitely not want to stay and become a staff nurse in the long run. I'm always keeping my options open, like maybe switching over to physiotherapy or be a medical social worker? 

Okay so the first thing you'll see when you enter the reception are lots of balloons and a bunch of wacky people mentally trying to pull you in, HAHA. 

You may get your temporary tattoos once you're in!

And get some refreshments!

Tip: The sweetest drink would be from O and the least sweet would be AB. I don't know if they're making it for fun or if it really has any direct relations to the blood type but HAHA, yeah. 


#postergirl #brochuregirl #HSnexttopmodel #bernstilldoesnotknowwhatalapdanceis

Our Kak Nadhrah at the popcorn station!

The DJ station 

Soooo last year we had a pear and a heart as our mascots. And this year, 

a green apple and a skeleton! 

Next would be the anatomy and physiology lab. You can learn how to do the heimlich maneuver, CPR as well as listen to the sounds your lungs make through auscultation!

A booth set up by JurongHealth :) 

Next would be another nursing station. 

You can get your arm cast here!

Baby delivery photos! (calm yo tits! it's fake)

Natasha & Afiq as your delivery staff for the day!  

Annoying background people, HAHA. 

Next would be the simulation lab! 

I remembered when I went here in sec three for the open house. The first thing I was intrigued about was the fact that the mannequin was able to breathe! While they were performing the resuscitation, they actually dragged some of the audience to help with some of the "procedures" - like the chest compression and using the defibrillator. It was so awesome!

We actually have our lessons here starting from year one where we a class of 14 students would be divided into three groups to care for the patient. We would be given a scenario and somewhere along providing care for the patient, some shenanigan would come up, like a sudden drop of blood pressure etc, so we would have to perform the immediate interventions and then we'll be graded accordingly. 

I think this is by far the coolest part of HS that I've been to, so far. 

Then of course, there's the Operation Room! 

I have not covered this yet in school so I shall let the photos do the talking!
And by the way, this is thought in year three :)

There were also a couple of performances :) 

Then there's a performance by Raqib & Zuhairi, 

or so we thought...

It turned out to be a skit about learning BCLS and how we could use it as an advantage to save a life. Omg this sentence makes me so proud to be a nursing student, LOL. 


Some random photos now! 

 With Pearly!

With a couple of crazy LSCT students who seemed to be stuck in there for like ever!

With the Japanese Cultural Club!

With Hannah! (And Farah, haha)

Has & Nad!

Some nursing facts before I end!
  • Apart from NYP & NP, you may now enroll into Parkway College, School of Nursing if you're really interested! 
  • Nurses work shifts - which may result in a very terrible body clock screw up BUT you get allowances for certain shifts (depends on your hospital). 
  • A competent registered nurse (diploma/degree holder) earns up to $30,000+ annually including bonuses!
Ending off with some photo strips of me and my favourite girls from the photo booth! 

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