Pre Weekend Syndrome

Saturday, 18 January 2014

You know that this post is gonna be a boring one when the first thing you see is a random selfie of myself, TEEHEE. 

This week had been a really hectic one! And yes, it's just the second week of school. Meh! I had three tests on three consecutive days and for some apparent reason, I fell sick somewhere in the middle of the week which made me more easily irritable. I hate being the kind of person who would expect people to not annoy me just because it's not my day but unfortunately, I became that person the other day. I really hope that no one was affected by it but if you were, I apologize :( 

Then there were the usual dramas along the way. Same old same old. 

On a brighter note, I received lots of goodies from Hannah & Haz as they went overseas just recently! HEHE, yeay! I honestly love getting souvenirs from my friends when they travel. It's just an extremely thoughtful gesture, like you're remembered although they're so far away, and speaking of which, I should soooooo start getting stuff for my friends when I go overseas too! *guilty* 

Right now, I seriously can't explain how relaxing and calming this feels - sipping a cup of milo with a couple of lighted candles to accompany me while updating my blog, on my laptop! Gosh it feels like it has been forever since I used Zach! 

(If you didn't know, I named my laptop Zach. Meh!) 

I apologize if this post was not to your expectations and I regret to inform you that it'll be quite some time until I would be able to blog about something bigger than just a summary of how my week went (and even so, I wasn't even specific enough). 

I shall end of this post here, for now :) 

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