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Farm Stay // Perth Day 3!

Greetings starshines!

I'm back with my third post about my trip to Perth! Click here (Part 1) and here (Part 2) for my previous Perth posts! 

I do hope you guys are excited for this post because it's most excited part of my vacation ^^ 

So that day, we headed to the farm stay which was an hour plus drive from town. It was a pretty small countryside and it felt really good to be away from the city. 

We were greeted by two dogs when we arrived. They were barking even when we were still in the car! We were scared as hell, HAHA!

After that they just left us alone because they know that we're not interested LOL. And they adapted pretty quickly to our presence. Good doggies! 

The hosts, Milton and Joan greeted us and showed us to our rooms in a chalet. They have two chalets there with a few rooms inside. Imagine coming here with your relatives! It'll be pretty awesome :) 

And from our window, we could see...


Went back out to have a look around before lunch was served. 

Went to the public area after that and we made some new friends :) 

I'm officially in love with kangaroos! 

A yummy lunch was served after that and we finally had rice! It has been so long since we had good staple food, ahaha!

After lunch, Milton brought us to the fruit orchard. It's such a waste that we arrived when fruit season was over :( 

He showed us how they dried blackberries on this metal wires.

He brought us to see the oranges after that. Well, it was before they turn.. orange. 

You guys no how our mothers always spend what seems like forever in supermarkets looking for fruit which doesn't have any brown marks on them? It actually doesn't affect the taste of the fruit because those marks or scratches are caused when the leaves brush against it.

So tell your mums not to be so fussy on choosing which fruit looks the nicest because they taste the sameeeeeee!

Saw what's left of some pumpkin and watermelon plants. 

Really wish I was here earlier :( 

Then we learned that oranges that grow on the outside of the tree are most likely to be sweeter than those which grows closer to the tree trunk because of the difference in sunlight exposure. 

After that, he brought us to a shed and showed us this machine which organizes the fruit. 

So first they roll pass these green rollers thing while being sprayed with water to wash of any dirt. 

After that they pass this area where it gets its shine by getting sprayed by by canola oil and honey.

Yes guys, the shine is just made from natural products! 

Lastly, they get organized according to their sizes!


There was a small stall in the shed and we bough a gazillion honey bottles and nougats. Actually we bought pretty much everything LOL. At least one of each heh!

Milton drove us around the town and told us that most people here build their own houses which I find pretty cool. It's something I'm not willing to be committed to that's for sure, heh! 

Went back after that to do some farm work! 

Fact: Kangaroos cross their arms when they're around humans that they trust. Awh!

We even went into the chicken coop! They were surprisingly so excited to see us! 

Sissy collected the eggs while the rest of us distracted the chickens, hehe! But it's not as if they get aggressive anyways.

Got on the tractor and Milton drove us to see more animals in the farm!

Was super excited to see a pony! 

His name is nugget! So cute right? I think I shall name my future pet nugget also, hehe! 

Fed some lambs also!

Milton seperated these three sheeps from the rest for sheering. Poor creatures were so scared!

Drove uphill afterwards!

And then we fed them too! They were pretty scared tho! 

And they were the fluffiest things on earth k I swear! 


After that Milton showed us this poisonous leaves which killed almost all of the sheep they had. They were only left with two when it happened :( 

To differentiate poisonous and non poisonous leaves, the poisonous ones usually grow directly opposite each other while normal ones grow alternately. 

Went on to drive around the farm afterwards. 

That's Jay Jay! It's so cute because it always wants to be treated differently than the others. Milton said that it's pretty stupid too, HAHAHA!

Come to think of it, he said that all sheep are stupid idky LOL. 

Mega love for this sunset shot. It's just too beautiful!

Went back to the public area where we saw how sheep sheering is being done. 

I know it looks painful but I promise you guys, it's not.

Fed the other animals after that heh!

These lambs were really hungry guys. 

And nugget is one grumpy pony who refuses to get brushed. He merajok damn rabak sia, worse than me ok. 

We finally had a shower after that and they continued feeding the kangaroos. Damn tiring k. 

Milton and Joan invited us to their cottage and it was the coziest place I have ever been to!

The dinner was pretty good too!

Joan talked about her travelling days and I was so envious of her. She started going off on her own when she was 20 and she has done more than I believe I'll ever do in my whole life. It was not until she was older when she realized that she wants to take care of animals and make her own business and so that's what she did. It's so lucky of her to be living her dream. I barely know anyone who does that :/

Afterwards, Joan taught us how to make thread from wool with a spinning wheel. Coolest thing ever!

Said goodnight to Whiskey *below* after that and went off to bed!

Woke up pretty early the next morning for more farm activities. 

Greeted the animals after that and did the usual which was to feed them. My favourite is still the kangaroos! 

It was our turn for breakfast afterwards!

The scrambled eggs were from the ones sissy took from the chicken coop the day before, heh!

Went to pack whatever's left before our driver came to fetch us and send us back to the hotel!

So yeah that's it for our farm stay. It was an extremely good experience and I'm so glad to be able to unleash the farm girl side of me. Who would even think I would be standing so near an animal righttttt?

I do highly recommend you to go for a farm stay at least once in your life. This is actually the first major thing off my bucket list (second to travelling out of Asia heh!). I honestly can't explain how much fun I had during the stay. Who know, I might just come back!

Anyways, if you're interested in this farm stay, you can check them out here!

That's it for day three & a bit of four! I'll be back soon for another Perth post!

Happy midweek guys! *kiss kiss*

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