Thursday, 1 May 2014

Chocolate Factory & A Walk Around Town // Perth Day 4!

Greetings starshines!

I actually told myself to at least finish searching for articles for my FYP and I have done so, so I'm back with the fourth post! Click the following links if you wanna see the previous ones! 

PART 1 (HarbourTown/Fremantle) / PART 2 (City Tour/Fremantle) / PART 3 (Farm Stay)

This post won't have much words because there isn't much to say LOL. 

Shall go on with the post now!
On the way back from the farm stay, our driver, Flora, stopped by the Chocolate Factory! We were super excited because my family looooooooooooves chocolates!

The first thing we did when we entered was...

Try out the samples of course! #typicalsingaporean

Everything looks so mouthwatering! Even the whole place smells like chocolates!

There's even a small cafe at the back!

Daddy and sissy bought ice creams which I barely tasted because my throat was still being a bitch :(

The valentine themed chocolates were major adorbz too!

Hehe cute chocolate sculptures on display! I felt like breaking the glass and stealing them k I swear! But psht, of course I won't. PSHT. 

Here's daddy eating a pretty big scone he got from the cafe! 

And of course, what kind of tourists would we be if we did not get anything right? :)

So it was another long journey back to the hotel and when I got there, my wifi from my mobile phone automatically connected and I received a ton of notifications! Half of which were from my friends who reminded me to get souvenirs for them, what assholes -.-"

These were the chocolates I got earlier that day. It's just basically chocolate coated nuts which has been made into a ball. Tastes sooooooooooooooo good! I mean, nothing else beats chocolates and nuts right?!

That afternoon, we decided to walk around to look for something to eat. And since it was Good Friday, everything was closed. Like wtf. 

Statues like this is pretty common along the sidewalks in Perth since they got so much history. Pretty cool huh? :) 

Don't you guys just love the brick buildings here? I'm not a fan of old fashioned things but when I start to see the comparison between old and modern architecture, I realized that vintage has a different kind of beauty which I'm starting to really love :) 

Even the bicycle parking place looks cute!

So after searching and searching, we finally found a few fast food joints which were open!

I can't remember what this is called but it was really delicious! 

Continued exploring around afterwards!

Took the slightly longer route back to the hotel. Sissy actually went off first so it was just my parents and I. 

That's about it actually!

We just went back to the room, watched some movies and played more Sims and had some leftovers from before heh! It's a shame that all the shops were closed because I was really looking forward to shopping my heart out since I still had quite a handful of cash with me :(

Anywho, will be back with the last post soon! Ending off with two photos of this syiok sendiri bird LOL. 

Goodnight lovelies! xx

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