10/50 Facts About Me (Part 2)

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

  1. I can spend hours in stores like Sephora or Forever 21 and end up not buying anything. I'm the kind of shopper who tries on so many things but in the end asks myself, "do I really need this?". Unless it's arm candies! I'm a sucker for arm candies!
  2. I'm a typical girl who prefers getting flowers for her birthday over anything else. I know that most people find it irrational to get something which could barely last a week but flowers just make me happy *WIDE SMILE* 
  3. I have a huge obsession with pink, practically all shades of pink! There was a period of time when I was ashamed to admit that I like the colour because it was too girly or feminine and I started to pretend to like the colour black but oh gosh, just, no. 
  4. I actually hate birds. They're loud and noisy and I have a weird phobia that birds might suddenly attack me by pecking on my head. They also have this goddamn evil look in their eyes, omg I kennut sia guys. I KENNUT. 
  5. I am a mega fan of One Direction although I don't fangirl whenever I their songs are on the radio because I find it damn annoying when other people go crazy when their favourite songs are on. 
  6. I'm used to really love cupcakes until I tried donuts from Krispy Kreme and afterwards I became obsessed with donuts, preferably the glazed ones! 
  7. I own a lot of shoes but I usually end up only wearing the same one for the week because it's a pump shoe and it's just pretty convenient ^^ 
  8. My wardrobe consists of roughly five different coloured pants which are super comfy! 
  9. I have bought a total of three fish eye lens for my phone as I keep on losing them, hehe! 
  10. I am typing this in my Health Informatics lecture so, whuddup! #badass 

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