Thursday, 15 May 2014

Sogurt With The Seniors!

Greetings sunshines!

I just thought that I should blog about what's up with my life lately since I haven't been doing a proper post lately other than my travelogue heh. 

Senior year has been real shitty so far especially with our final year project preparations. Everyone else is looking forward to graduation while a part of me wish that I'll still be in school for memories sake. Gosh, I can honestly imagine the overflow of emotions on that day. I guess the main reason why I would rather stay in school is because I am so not ready to enter the workforce yet. I honestly did not think I could make it this far. It's like every time I graduate, a new level of education awaits me but now it feels like this is it. 

Apart from school work, I am also looking into various career options because I have decided to not be a nurse after I have completed my bond. I'll definitely be doing lots of travelling, alone if I have to, and maybe decide if I wanna settle down over there and stick with nursing (because everyone knows that the profession is being appreciated more in most other places than here) or come back and do a career swap. I might just be a physiotherapist or even follow my sister's footsteps and become a childcare teacher. You'll never know, yknow? 

Okay now to be specific and to make it less lengthy, I shall talk about my life in bullet forms! 
  • I got transferred to a new class and I was very upset about it (couldn't stop whining on twitter the whole day). My new class is pretty awesome in a sense that they make me laugh almost every ten minutes! I am however still in touch with the usuals during our lecture :) 
  • FYP has been a real burden and we pretty much have forgotten how to do a literature review. Nonetheless, I've got so much love for my group and we're all just facing the same shit together ^^
  • I got closer to syafiqah (aka shark) and we made an impromptu plan to watch a movie and have sogurt together. Was so badass of us to bring food (and I mean a whole KFC meal) into the theatre and ended up not seating on the seats we chose LOL. Plus it was so awesome of her to accompany me watch The Amazing Spiderman 2 although she has watched it. 
  • I finally saw my sister in campus for like the first time. We were across each other and she shouted my name haha so cool because in secondary school I would usually avoid her :p 
  • I got invited to two 21st birthday parties on the same weekend I'm really looking forward to it! 
  • The elective that I chose, Health Informatics, is also such a burden but hey, I've already scored 15% just by doing three practicals. *self hi-5* 

Anywho, Haz, Nadz and I managed to spare some time in our busy schedule to head to JEM for some sogurt! Didn't get to take much photos while I was out with shark so yeah, there we go! And I just miss editing photos that's all heh. 

(photos taken with iPod 5)

I have always loved froyos but it not was until I realize that I loved coffee bean more! Besides, the froyos I got from other places (like tutti fruity) are usually pretty pricey for a small cup as compared to a regular cup of good quality frappuccino, with whipped cream! And anyways, I rarely drink coffee bean now ever since I got back from Aussie because it reminds me of so many bittersweet memories so thank goodness for sogurt! What I love most are the unique flavours (like red velvet and nutella, I doubt that you can find it anywhere else!) and the variety of toppings! Plus, it's healthier and this one only costs $3/100grams! And there's an additional discount for students as well which is a major bonus!  

So yeap, I am definitely coming back here soon ^^ 

That's it for today then. Have a lovely day ahead! *kiss kiss*

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