10/50 Facts About Me

Sunday, 4 May 2014

  1. I'm an October baby and the first child of the family however usually the youngest in my circle of friends. There are days when I loathe being the eldest child in the family but I have to admit, it has it's perks :) 
  2. I have an obsession for floral prints and there's this one time when I would dedicate a day to wearing my favourite floral top every week but I stopped doing so because it's just meh.
  3. I don't play sports unless it's volleyball with my sports and wellness class in year one. 
  4. I'm actually very whiny but just to irritate those around me. Some people say that I'm attention seeking but ah kay, wtvs. 
  5. I have a naturally loud voice and if you tell me to keep it down, I probably wouldn't be able to hear myself speak LOL. 
  6. I like to laugh because I find even the slightest things amusing. There was this one time when I was assisting a doctor attend to a patient and something happened which made me scoffed a bit and she said it wasn't funny. Was very upset afterwards but now when I think about it, wow that was one sour doctor. 
  7. Before the first lecture of the day, I would usually buy a packet of wasabi flavoured nuts to keep myself awake and I love it! Sometimes I trick people into thinking that they're non-flavoured because their reaction is priceless!
  8. I'm a Javanese. Some people could tell it from my name. I don't speak the language tho. My kind of Bahasa Indonesia is speaking regular Malay only with a thick Indonesian accent, HAHAHAHAHAHA. 
  9. I hold my phone more than I usually keep in my pocket or bag although I don't receive important texts/calls when I'm out. I guess this habit started when I lost my phone a few years back. I remembered I was at the bus stop at Bugis Street and was texting my friend, Dave, before it went missing. 
  10. I want to keep my hair long till next year and I have no intentions of trimming it till then, except for my fringe heh!

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