Caversham Wildlife Park & Pinnacles // Perth Day 5!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014
Greetings sunshines! 

Here we go, the last post for holidays in Perth! Click the following links if you wanna see the previous posts!

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It was another tour day on day five and we went to the Caversham Wildlife Park. We didn't spend very long here though but it was really fun! 

We fed the kangaroos first! 

I love friendly animals! And the kangaroos here are so well groomed!

We met a wombat after that!

Looks so cuddlyyyyyyy! I wanna bring home one! 

We carried on after that to see more animals!

Yeay koalas!

That's about it for the wildlife park! You may visit them here if you're interested!

Afterwards, oh gosh you guys would never believe where we went!!


The thing about me is that I looooooooove seafood but I'm more often than not really fussy about it and making sure it's fresh before consuming it mainly because I get rashes real easily. 

Before eating, we went for a tour first!

They gave us this device which allows us to the tour at every station. Knowing me, I didn't listen to the tour very much hehe! I was just so overwhelmed by the place!

Went back out after that for lunch!

Not a very good photo of the lobster we had but it tastes so good!

And the salad was provided for us also!

We went back onto the bus to carry on with the tour.

And then we went to the pinnacles afterwards!

In case you're wondering what The Pinnacles are, it's actually a place where there are limestone formations from millions of years ago when the area was underwater. Really cool huh? :) 


It's a really good place for camwhoring heh!

And when we stand on the platform, we can see the Indian Ocean. It's so wide!

Daddy and I went to the Discovery Center while Mummy and sissy waited in the bus.

Hopped back onto the bus for a couple of hours ride to the beach! 

The place was so gorg right! *.*

Headed back on board and went to the desert! Can you believe it?! Me, go to the desert?!?!

And why we went here you may ask?

For sand boarding!!

It was such a torture climbing up the sand dunes with our legs sinking into the sand after every step. But the slide down was fun!

Daddy managed to climb to the peak of the sand dune and he got tired from the hike that he sat down for three minutes HAHA!

Then he tumbled over while sliding down. HAHAHA what only lah my father. 

We finally went to the gas station afterwards to get something to munch and let me just introduce to you the best thing ever invented!


They have got Fanta slushies!! 
I looooooooooooooove Fanta ever since my first taste of it and omg I wish they had this here! 

It was a very long ride back to the hotel. We bought some kebab burgers and this ginger beer for dinner before heading back to our rooms. 

The ginger beer was on my must-try list while I was here and it was really good, and reallyyyyyyy gassy! 

That's about it for my vacation t Australia. It has been a really good holiday, the best holiday in fact. I'm really looking forward to coming here again :)

Ending off with a hungry girl and a kebab burger!

Have a great day ahead everyone! *kiss kiss*

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