13th Halal Food Expo!

Saturday, 21 June 2014
Greetings sunshines! 
I hope that all of you have been well :) 

Anyways, I just got back from the 13th Halal Food Expo incorporating Malaysia Food and Fruit Fiesta 2014! :) Which basically only means one thing, FOOD. 

I did not manage to take much photos earlier on but believe me when I say this that this is one thing you cannot miss! Plus, it ends tomorrow! 

The event does not only cover food but other things like apparels, hijabs, wedding event planners and of course, my favourite floral headbands from prettyloved! 

So we started our journey with saying hi to my cousin in law who has a stall there selling baby clothes! And then went on ahead to look for food to eat!

We had the nasi briyani from Abu Mubarak Mandi Rice. My family members are pretty big eaters so we like these sorta thing and let me just say that it is the best nasi briyani I have ever tasted! The fragrance of the rice was really overwhelming and the meat was rather soft, just the way I like it! They didn't really go overboard with the gravy unlike most others we had and I reckon that you should go check them out some time! 

Here's the address in case you don't think you're gonna make it tomorrow: 
Abu Mubarak Mandi Rice 
Bedok Food Center, 
1 Bedok Singapore. 
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 9.00pm

We went for a walk around after that and was so tempted to get so many things!

Remember when I said that prettyloved was here also? 

Turns out that they have more than just floral headbands! And you know me and my love for flowers, hehehe! 

Everything was just so colourful! I'd get the fake flowers if I had any cash on me but nooooooooooooo, I didn't and the ATM was miles away! So make sure you all have sufficient cash with you okay! :) 

Do check out their facebook page here and instagram @prettyloved_ :)
Oh and they sometimes do have their own stall at the TGIF plaza along the walkway between Vivo and Sentosa! 

While I'm at the topic about prettyloved, their mother has also set up a food stall selling thai food!

This was actually my second (or third because I tried the first two times during the first halal expo heh) try at the mango salad because it tasted so so so good! 

Just look at that mango, carrots and cucumber mixture! 
(Someone please reward me because I'm eating veges for once heh!)
You can opt for a spicy or non spicy salad but who wouldn't want the spicy one right?! It gives the right amount of kick to it ;) 

I actually really love the sauce she added into the salad! When I tasted it I honestly thought that my tongue was gonna burn but it was so worth it because it was too good!

So do no forget to check them out guys! They're located near the stage :) 

Moving on!

We also bought durian pancakes from Four Seasons. Nothing beats good quality durians guys :) 

They have different outlets scattered across the country so if you're a durian lover, be sure to taste their durian cakes and durian rolls and durian errrrrrrrrrthing! 

I also checked out this really cute dessert galore which is pretty suitable for those of you who have a party coming up! 

I did tried out their RVC samples (because who says no to samples?!) and they had the right amount of sweetness in them! They also do customized cakes according to their customer's needs. You need a kit kat covered cake, they'll give you a kit kat covered cake. And all that jazz yknow! :) I might just be ordering from them during my next party and will give you more details about them if I decided to do so! 

Was super attracted to the pink wedding showcase! HEHEHE. 

Anyways, guess what I decided to do while I was there? ;) ;) ;) 

HAHA, turns out that my cousin's cousin also sets up a small booth for mini makeovers! So being the typical me, I decided to try it out! Thank goodness I did not have any makeup on so it was more easier for her to apply the makeup on me! 

She literally contoured the hell out of my face hahahahaha! 



And the final look! 

Tadaaaaaaaaaa! It honestly doesn't feel very heavy! 
She does makeup for all sorts of events from random photoshoots to weddings! Do check out and ike her facebook page here ^^

That's it for today! Be sure to come to the Singapore Expo (Hall 6) tomorrow to check out the many more things they have in store! :) 

Ending off with the last batch of photos :) 

Goodnight lovelies! Xx

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