Malacca Getaway!

Friday, 20 June 2014
Greetings starshines!
I'm finally back from an awesome trip to Malacca! I didn't want to go initially because I felt pretty lazy but decided to just go anyways! 


We made our first stop to my uncle's place for durians because that was our primary objective! HEHE! 
For those of you who don't know, it's currently durian season in Malaysia so do go over if you have the time ;) 

I didn't get to take any photos of it though as I was too busy eating it, HAHA!

Do not mind the naked face okay I was lazy to put on make up when we left :p 

Ah yes, I did my nails with a gradient like effect (or not) using the nail polishes from The Face Shop. It's really cool! Might just blog about it someday :)

Meet baby Iskandar guys! 

This boy is down right the biggest nine month old baby I have ever laid my eyes on! 

Like come on guys, 

My other niece and nephews came afterwards and I was so excited because they are always always alwayssssss the life of the gathering! 

There's Raushan (left, who's the youngest) and Arifin (right, who's the second oldest).

Lil Raushan is just mega adorbz! He's always so shy at big gatherings but I guess there's not much people here so he gets kinda loud!

We went to have a walk around after that!

There's Omar in green, who's the third child of the family and speaks relatively good English! I almost laugh at every sentence he spoke because it's just too cute!! 

After chillaxing with the relatives (and btw, I found out that one of my cousin's wife is a year younger than me which is pretty awkward because I don't know if I should call her kakak or? Lol), we went to the hotel where Kak Julia and Abang Hendra kindly booked a room for us! 

The hotel we went to was Kings Green and it's pretty new! I think we might be the first tenant in our room heheh!

I really loved the place! It's very unlike most other hotels we went to! It's really minimalist and just how I like it! 

That's the door bell sensor in the middle of the "tidy up my room" and "do not disturb" signs! You need to barely even touch it and the door bell will sound! Ultra cool eh?

You know how it's very common to go to a hotel where they have two door hangers for "Do Not Disturb" and for housekeeping respectively? Well for this hotel... 

they use sensors instead! 
These sensors are attached on the wall near the door from the inside of the room and which ever sensor you choose, it'll be reflected outside the room so that the housekeeping staff will be aware! 

And they have a really cool air con controller too!

 Yeap it's all very futuristic *jakon mode on!*

Moving on to the "room tour". 

Our room's pretty simple! It has a queen sized bed and a single bed which is sufficient enough for the family. Believe it or not, dad and mum squeezed into the single bed! Initially it was just supposed to be my dad on the smaller bed but my mum said that she could not sleep without daddy next to her. *YAWN* 

HAHAHA anyways, 
the bathroom's pretty spacious too! 

They have a large shower area on the left and on the right is the bath tub. Let's face it, we all go to hotels for the bath tubs ;) 

And guess what! 

My cousin's family stays just opposite and a level above us! 

No make up but hey, sparkly eyes would do, no? 
:p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p 

After settling down and everything, we went back out for dinner!

Yes guys, 

that's a big salmon sushi platter you see there! 

And a day of pig out sesh won't be complete without...

a beverage from CBTL. 
That's the iced caramel macchiato! I'm actually trying out different flavoured beverages from CBTL instead of sticking to my usual hazelnut iced blend because hey, it's time to break the status quo! 


The next day, sissy, my cousins, niece and I went to have the breakfast buffet while my parents went to the market with my other relatives and the nephews continue sleeping in. 

Ah yes, my niece's name is Tyas and she's the oldest child in the family. I don't know about you guys but I am pretty much used to being surrounded by more females than males in the house (even in school since female is the predominant gender in nursing #girlpower!) so I don't know how this girl manages her life the other way around! HAHA!

After which, we returned to the room with a surprise guest!


After that, we went out to watch a movie! Ended up watching Maleficient for the second  time because the movie is THAT good! 

Before the movie, I went to satisfy my second craving *cheeky face* 

Yes babies! We had A&W! 

I was so so so ecstatic because I've been craving for the root beer float and ice cream waffles since forever!

The ice cream waffles were just, oh so good! I super duper mega ultra love the hot and cold mix on a plate. So sinful yet so heavenly!

Went to some other shops where Tyas tried on some make up! 
(I apologize for the overly bright photos! I edited them as a batch hehe.)

Also satisfied another craving!

Glazed donuts are my favourite kind!
It all started when I had my first try on krispy kreme and oddly enough, I ended up liking the glazzy donuts instead of the flavoured ones because I usually like the ones with oreos or strawberry fillings! But nope, the classic glazed donuts are still numero uno :) 

Bought some nuggets and potato wedges to munch on back to the hotel before we head out for a swim!

Seriously guys, a hotel visit is never complete if you don't go swimming! I had such a blasting good time with the kids and they were daring enough to actually jump into the pool! 

Tyas and I ventured to the deeper (but not very deep) pool! Should have bought my goggles so that I could do some proper swimming :( 

Yeap, she definitely got her nose from her Aunty Ika! *WINKS*

Wasn't long till it was time for us to take a shower and head back out for dinner!

Arifin and his grandma being one of a kind, HAHA.

Lil Omar with his innocent face HAHA! 

Anyways, we had the yummiest satay on the planet! This may sound gross to most of you but my favourite has always been the fatty part in the middle of all the meat. It usually has the right amount of fats. Unhealthy but mehhhh whadevaaaaa!! 

This is another new addition to the family. Her name's Aufah (idk the spelling but it's pronounced like that hehe!) She's really pleasant and really quiet and well behaved and surprisingly, does not cry when she's around strangers. Which is very uncommon in my family HAHA. 

Moving on, on our way back to the hotel, we came across a small waterfall (prolly man made but I ain't sure) where they usually put out the "welcome" sign but instead, it showed "Pray For MH370".

Amazing how fast people forgets eh? Reminds me of my trip to Aussie where there were non stop reminders of it since it was last seen where I was at. Keep praying everyone! 


On the last day (which was today) my day started off with, well...

some cheeky selfies! 
Of course we all love the comforter as it provides us with a generous amount of warmth during the cold night ;) And yes, my face is usually that puffy in the morning idky. 

Skipped breakfast for some extra sleep and after packing, we met up with the others at the lobby :) 

Somehow rather, the boys were really fascinated by the fishes. Especially Raushan who kept on telling me which was the mummy fish! 

Last picture of the hotel before we left! 

My parents dropped us off at the mall for brunch while they went back to the kampung to see the other relatives. 

Sissy had been craving for some gyudon ever since we came and that was exactly what we had! It was surprisingly good! 

For those of you who don't know what gyudon is, it's basically a bowl of rice topped with beef and THAT'S IT. That's the basic gyudon meal and of course, there are many other things that can top it off!

I had the cheese gyudon while sissy had the kimchi gyudon!

Yeap, this shall go to my must-have list the next time we come! 

Afterwards, we joined Kak Julia's family for a walk around while waiting for my parents to come fetch us :) 

I don't know about you guys but my childhood has never involved playing games at the arcade. Except for the neoprints which barely even exists now pffft!

And then finally, we bought some famous amos for the road and I ate it while watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows II :) 

That's it for my trip then! If you're interested in the hotel that we went, you may visit them here! We actually stayed in the Deluxe Classic Room which was alright :) 

Till next time lovelies! Have a good weekend ahead! Xx

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