Saturday, 28 June 2014

Other Bits & Pieces of June

Greetings sunshines! 
I finally changed my blogskin! Was pretty reluctant to do so but I was looking through some blogskins and this one caught my eye so I decided to change it ^^

June has definitely been the highlight of my year so far and I'm so glad to be able to spend time with some friends and family. I even watched three different movies on three consecutive days this week! 

So glad that I managed to watch The Fault In Our Stars and it was pretty impromptu. I was busy cleaning up my room and decided to watch the movie with sissy after I've finished when Shark asked me if I wanted to join her and her sister to watch the movie. It was extremely good and of course, I teared up at the last part, awhhh! The whole theatre was really noisy though. I was sitting in front of a couple who seemed to be commentating on the whole movie while the rest got pretty excited when the main two characters meet. Seriously people, yall need to calm down yo! 

Second movie I watch was 22nd Jump Street the next day with Shark again and it was just darn hilarious! I loved the whole movie and there were certain parts of the movie which really cracked me up and I honestly can't explain how much I tried to control my laughter! 

And the third movie I watched was Transformers: Age of Extinction. I guess what made the movie not as good as we all expect is the duration. It's kind of a waste because I really like Mark Wahlberg. It wasn't too bad in my opinion. Not that I regret watching it or anything but I do believe that the creators of the show are capable of making a better sequel. 

Yeap, my second week of holidays have definitely been fruitful!

I shall just post photos of some things I did not blog about. Enjoy :) 

Shafina's Engagement. 

June Babies Birthday + Father's Day.

Vivo With Shark. 

Batik Painting With Momsie. 

Before I end off, I'd just like to share with you the anchor bracelet I bought recently from Sensibar!

Photo from

I was really slow with the payment but thank goodness they were understanding about it :) I really really reallyyyyyy love nautical themed items so you cannot imagine my excitement while waiting for it to arrive! 

It's handmade too so it means hundred times the love! :) 

Do visit their instagram @sensibar_sg! Their accessories are really one of a kind :) 

That's all for today! Hope you all have a goodnight and happy fasting to my Muslim readers out there! May your month of Ramadan be filled with blessings, love and peace! *flying kiss* 

As for my coursemates, I'll be seeing you reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal soon! 

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