Geylang Bazaar + Mega Flea Market with bloggers!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014
Greetings sunshines!
I'm actually currently in lecture as I'm typing this. Well, technically I'm crashing the other lecture because ain't nobody got time to wait till 2pm for a lecture no one's gonna pay attention to! *winks* 

Anyways! The bloggers and I (you can meet them here) met up for an impromptu outing to Geylang. It has always been a must for me to go to the bazaar here no matter how similar everything is to the previous years. I mean cmmon guys, the kebabs and dendengs and just errrrrthing! 

Alright moving on! It was crowded as usual and we only covered like 1/4 of the bazaar so yeah. 

I actually only started going two years back and that was my very first time as my family don't really fancy the huge crowd and humid atmosphere but I don't really mind! It used to be really easy looking for friends to come here with but I guess everyone eventually got bored of the place. Lucky thing Liyana and Hannah agreed to come here with me!

These earrings are at 3 for $5 guiseeeeeeeee! 

We bought some food to bring to Suntec!

Everything just looks so yummy when you're fasting *slurps* 

After buying drinks, dendengs and takos (which are a must buy!), we went ahead to look for more food!

And then we decided on kebabs. It was so hard to find a kebab stall with no long queue!

This photo does no justice. The meat actually looks really juicy and tender and ah my gawd guys I kennut!! 

With the girls :) 

Then bought MORE food! 

We took a cab to suntec as there was huge flea going on at one of the exhibition halls. But before that we manage to find a really cozy corner to break fast. 

(At this moment, Liyana's sitting two rows behind me and just texted me "blogging pe gurl". Annoying bugger!) 

And just when I thought we actually bought a lot a lot of food...

it honestly doesn't look much. TO ME LAH. 

Close up on the food now. Omnomnomnomnom!

After that, it was off to the flea we go! 

It was definitely heaven! I've always loved going to fleas no matter how annoying it is to not be able to find something nice which is my size so I usually go for the accessories etc etc. 

I'll let the pictures do the talking now!

That's about it then! I managed to catch a bus from there directly home, yeayness! 

Ending off with a photo with our friends from prettyloved :) 

Have a lovely day ahead lovelies!

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