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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Greetings starshines!

So I'll just make a quick post here about something I saw on twitter!

I was contemplating on whether I should screenshot that post and publish it here (because I was thinking of just leaving it anonymous) but since the post was already getting viral then might as well post it!

Plus I was actually pretty lazy to summarize what the post was about :p 

 So first and foremost, 


Okay don't get me wrong. This is not my way of saying that all guys are the same yada yada. But we all know that there comes a point of time in a guy's (most of them at least) life when they will be a heartbreaker. It's inevitable. And we are talking about boys, not men. I have had my fair share of getting to know guys who left me brokenhearted that it got me so afraid of falling in love again but I have come to realize that every single girl goes through that. 

Can you just imagine every girl dissing their ex on social media for being such an ass? Oh the horror!

And gurllll, trust me, I wish I could have warned every girl in the world about all the douchebags I've ever dated but then I'll stop and think, is it worth it? 

I personally don't think your intentions were to warn other girls about him, but rather because you were angry at what he did. But oh wells, who am I to make assumptions, right? 

You know how people say that we should not make decisions and do stuff when we're emotional? I think that statement applies to this situation - like what another fellow instagrammer said, "Do what is right, not what you THINK is right." 

As for the the guy, I honestly believe that it is best to just leave him be. He can go out there and break as many hearts as he wants but eventually, karma will bitch slap him in the face real hard and he will realize his own mistakes. Trust me, I've seen it, and it was glorious. *shrugs* 

On a side note, this is just one heartbreak - one very traumatizing heartbreak. And believe me, there will be many more to come. 

Goodnight lovelies Xx 

PS: The instagram post was removed. 

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