A Proper Hello

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Greetings starshines!

Let's face it, no one likes a heavy emotional post. So I apologise for getting way off topic as I thought I needed to get it all out of my chest that day. 

Everything has been going well lately. Nothing feels better than when you come to a realization that life goes on and that's how it has been for me. 

But anyways, here's what I've been planning for the month. I figured it's a better way to elaborate my points rather than to chunk all of them into a paragraph. 

Saving for Melbourne, and a new phone.
I'm pretty excited for both to happen but ahh, the thought of actually using up my savings for these. It actually just occured to me that I'll be leaving for Melbourne in less than a month and I've yet to decide how much I should bring along. As for my phone, I've already decided on an iPhone 6! Getting pretty excited just thinking about it. Ah well. Better start planning!

Keep up with the smoothies/green juice. 
That feeling of having all you favourite healthy food in a cup is just pretty overwhelming and it is starting to be my new favourite thing to do. I barely have any fruit/vege to eat during break and having a bunch of this during breakfast hits the spot. They just contain plain yogurt, fruit juice and any fruit of your choice. Plus it looks so fancy in my new mason drinking jar, heheh. Here are just a few I have made so far but I will definitely be blogging more about them next time :)

Fruit: Cherries & plums
Juice: Superberries juice 

Fruit: Mango & banana
Juice: Orange juice

Contains: Spinach, lettuce, apple. 
Juice: (a tee wee bit of) Lemon juice 
[No yogurt in this green juice heh!]

Dyeing my hair
No further elaboration needed. 

More cycling adventures 
Cycling had been one of my favourite past times ever since I was a kid. I grew up on a hill in the east where it's quiet and there was ample space for us to cycle around (although now that I'm all grown up, the place may look rather small). There's just so much goodness in cycling that I can't even explain and I don't really do it to be fit - but rather because it keeps me calm. Nothing feels better than cycling on a smooth surface on a sunny and windy day. It was as if for a moment, all my troubles were gone.  Anyways, cheers to more cycling adventures this month! 

There's just so many things I wish I could do within the month but hey, we still have the rest of the year. Probably everyone I know would be ending their internships somewhere this month (for myself, on 27/02). I certainly can't wait for it to be over so that I can catch up with some old friends and spend some proper quality time with Rid. 

Before ending off, I'd just like to share an interesting blog post by one of my favourite bloggers/youtubers: Sprinkle of Glitter. Click here to read it. 

That's it for today. Have a good week ahead! Xx 


  1. Melbourne! That's one of the cities in my travel bucket list. :) Oooh and cherries and plums! That looks yummy!

    1. Really?? Melbourne has been on mine since forever! And yes cherries and plums do make a good combo :)

  2. This is such a nice post, it's a really great reminder of things you want to do :) really love your blog, it looks stunning and so is your photography! :)

    Karis Xx

  3. Great post! I really want to start making juices and smoothies too! :D

    1. Thank you! And you should! They're really fun to make :)

  4. Nice post dear!
    Good to know you are keeping healthy

  5. yummy smothie! xx nice post!