Tuesday, 3 March 2015
I'm gonna make this post a brief one because I have to get ready soon for my flight to Melbourne. 

I had my school's dinner & dance last night and I honestly cannot explain how much fun I had. I was hoping it to be more emotional but nonetheless, I had completely no regrets. 

The whole thing was held at Holiday Inn (Orchard) and the theme was Oscar's Night. You can imagine how everyone was all glamed up for the night and they all looked stunning! 

So pretty much like most D&Ds, there were performances and lucky draws and a glam king and queen. Shan't go into the details much so I'll just do a bit of description along the way. 

With some of the girls we bumped into at the lobby.

Next on glitterondiamonds! ;) 

Just a brief overview of what I wore that night! 
Blazer: Cotton On. Bag: Kate Spade. Footwear: Charles & Keith. Accessories: Pandora. Hair & Makeup by Nadiah Mazlan.

(Gosh, don't ask me where I got my dress because I forgot!)

I decided to keep it simple because I suck at accessorizing. 

With the foursome who I came to the hotel with! 
(Maira, Haz & Zai

With the lipstick glam queen Hannah (she doesn't look like one here but trust me that she is!)

Gotta admit, I was really impressed with the red carpet! 

With the ever so gorgeous Jasmine!

With Dahiyah :) 

So considering that my last prom night was held in school, this place was actually not that bad in my opinion.

With our sachok emcee for the night, Mr Grey. Ah, I mean, Nabil :) 

With the hotstuff of the night, Shanti :) 

Haz & I with our favourite optometrist, Iylia :) 

With Cheston in his chic blazer from Zara. Forever having the expensive taste!

Love how spicy Yana and I look in the photo, hahah! 

With Nebs! Who's actually not that tall irl :p 

Us with Miss Lynette.

With Bern, who's just so annoying and funny! I can't take it, seriously!

Syikin & Nabil being the emcees of the night :) 

Our director, Dr Phang. 

The four gentlemen starting off with a few covers. 

And when it was time to eat, Zai & I removed our shoes ad zoomed to the buffet table because we were starving!

On with the performances. 
It's kinda amazing how the current year two batch have so many talented students. 

With my handsome brother from another mother, Raqib!

Adeline (aka Greek Goddess!) 

And the nominees for Glam King & Queen *below* 

The last tie breaker was a dance off (which was a pretty bias vote in my opinion) but nonetheless, congrats to everyone!

After everything, we just head back out and camwhore some more. 

I was just loving my hair that night, hehe! 

With my fluffy wolf!

With the talented Elfi :) 

My Prema Deli! 

With Aveline :) 

Of course, there's my favourite people in HS!

Zuhairi looking extra dashing that night ^^ 

With YiXiang. Always so bitchy but so hilarious! 

With Aidil :) 

With Syakila! (Loving the necklace btw!)

Sabby! #redheadsftw

Annoying Faris who took my balloons!

With Wardina! Who's xyz times louder than I am! 

Syura! Actually voted her for Glam Queen. Pretty bumped that she didn't get in. 

With Yana & Fithri

Then there's the gang from zhenghua with our red and black swag.

Kinda love how I look in this photo with the guys :)

With the always beautiful Liyana :) 

That's about it for the night. Hope everyone had a great time and thanks to those involved in organizing this Dinner & Dance for making it a night to remember. Everyone looked absolutely stunning and I hope that this would be one of those moments where we will be able to look back and just reminisce about all the good times we've spent. 

All the best to everyone and I'll see you on graduation!  

Now, off to Melbourne! 

Have a great day ahead lovelies Xx 


  1. Love the photos, you look like you had so much fun!! This is a wonderful post! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, always returning the support

    1. Thanks Louise! :) It was indeed a fun night!