How To Optimize Your Poly Life

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Hey everyone! 

Graduation season is definitely upon us and seeing some of my friends and juniors graduating is making me feel all nostalgic. 

I've been seeing so many quotes pertaining to college life on how we should all just live in the moment and not miss any chances that will make us regret and trust me when I say that I have my fair share of regrets. 

It's not only about wishing I would do better in my studies, but more of exploring my school and doing ridiculous things. So if you're currently in poly, here are some things you could do that will (or may) guarantee a fulfilling three years.

  1. Eat at every canteen

    I don't know about other schools but where I went to (aka Ngee Ann Poly), there were so many canteens and stalls at almost every corner of the campus. I wasn't able to go to every canteen, particularly the one around the engineering blocks, because my school was located so far away and my friends and I would usually settle for what's near and convenient. Even if we had the time, we'd usually waste it on taking naps at the student lounge or watching movies at the library. Besides, I hear that the new food court is the bomb and trust me when I say that I'll definitely come back for the food!
  2. Crash someone's lecture

    I know this might probably be a waste of time but I've seen some of my course mates do it because, well, they were bored? Or probably because they missed their own lecture and had to attend another one but I believe it's mostly because they wanted to be with their friends. I used to think why would someone want to attend a lecture when they're not supposed to but now I realized that there is actually a bit of fun from doing so. But of course, don't be a nuisance!
  3. Have random photoshoots

    In every campus, there's bound to have insta-worthy places but seriously, there are still some people who could even vogue in the toilet! I used to have random shoots with a couple friends (and when I say couple, I mostly mean Liyana because let's just be real, behind 1/4 of her photos taken in school, is a former redheaded big specked photographer). Besides, who doesn't love taking photos? I'm sure one day you're gonna look back at all those photos, smile to yourself and wonder why on earth would you even waste two hours taking photos and only end up uploading one!
  4. Have theme days with your class

    I think one thing I miss most is having ridiculous theme days with my classmates. I remembered having a formal friday with my class and one of my classmates wore a tux to school! Then there were days we wore denim and black and white. It sounds ridiculous but it's definitely a must-do!
  5. Be involved

    Throughout my three years, I can safely say that I have been pretty much involved in almost all the events (including Standard Chartered Marathon!) and I have never been more happy about it. I even went to China for an immersion programme and despite falling sick and getting an allergic reaction, it was the most fulfilling three weeks of my life. There are so many ways to be involved in school events and trips because they are always looking for volunteers to help out and let me just say that there will be a day when someone will ask you what you did in poly and your experiences from all these will definitely back you up. 
All in all, I can honestly say that poly life will probably be the best years of your life. It's when self discovery takes place as you transition from being a teenager to an adult. Life will still be the same and you'll still loose people along the way but one good thing that will come out from all of it is being able to handle your problems better. Today, although I realize that my best friendships were not made while I was in poly, it opened my eyes to who my true friends are. In the mean time, I'll always remember those unforgettable moments in camp, staying in school till midnight to complete our FYP, skipping lessons to watch a movie, the gossip sessions, watching shows during lecture (eg That So Raven) etc. 

On second thought, I don't think I have any regrets after all. Goodnight lovelies! Xx 

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