Planning A Solo Staycation

Monday, 21 November 2016

Ever since my solo staycation, some people have asked me how my experience was and to be honest, it was pretty great. 

At that moment when I decided to be alone for one weekend, I was actually going through heaps of emotions - with my love life, social life, school, work etc. Trust me, it gets a bit too much. And as much as how pathetic being alone in a hotel room may sound, it all turned out really uplifting. 

You may read more about my staycation here, but these are some tips that I've learned during the process. 

  • Think long and hard - Unless you're a filthy rich introvert, you actually need to consider the fact that you are paying a couple hundreds of dollars to be alone in a hotel room. Hello, do you know how many Kylie lipkits you can buy with that kind of money?

  • Choose a simple room - I think simple and minimalist boutique hotels have been on the rise in recent years and they're the best places to stay in! So again, unless you're filthy rich, I'd recommend booking the simplest room they have. After all, you don't really need such a big space. (And by the way, I have been obsessed with lofts ever since my stay in Studio M and I don't mind actually living in one - just saying).

  • Itinerary? Psht, no need lah! - Unless you're going overseas, an itinerary is pretty redundant because firstly, you're in Singapore and secondly, the point of being alone is having the freedom to go wherever you please without being tied down to anything. Trust me, you'll be surprised how good it feels to be able to explore and discover these places on your own. Treat it as your first step towards becoming a future traveler ;)

  • Utilize your time in the room - After all, you did pay for it. I actually spent almost the entire day working on my assignment and I have never been more productive. If you're a person who has got a life, unlike me, I'd suggest doing things that is soothing and that you actually love. Like reading a good book or binge watching your favourite shows. The only time I went out of the room was when I needed some fresh air and when I wanted to collect the food delivery that I ordered heh.

  • Refrain from asking friends along - Believe me when I say that it gets pretty boring being alone and quite frankly, I failed at this part because an old friend came to say hi the next day. Not that I mind though! Wherever possible, try to resist the urge to ask your friends to come over because after all, you're doing this to temporarily get away from reality.

  • Most importantly, love your own company

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