Staycation @ Hotel Indigo Katong Singapore

Tuesday, 27 December 2016
As I'm writing this, I'm currently at the airport while sipping on a Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks. I have two extra bags to carry plus my laptop and it literally feels like I'm carrying two toddlers at once. Besides, I wanted to blog about my experience while it's still fresh in my mind so here we go.

**Edit: This was a draft and was published on 27/12/16**

As everyone may already know, I love the idea of being home away from home. My annual leave this time round, unfortunately, clashed with my classes so the only time I can enjoy is by being away at a staycation. 

It was my first time booking via as it was highly recommended by Ainul. There were indeed many hotels offering too-good-to-be-true prices. Long story short, we settled for Hotel Indigo. 

We also made a crazy decision to rent a car so since I was the only driver out of the three, I settled for Hertz - since it was also the only car rental company that would allow us to return the car on the 25th.

On the day of the staycation, I've learned two things.

  1. Get two different cards to pay for the hotel and car rental separately (because homegirl doesn't own a credit card).
    Instead of paying for $428 for the hotel, I had to pay an extra $50-$60 for taxes, service charge etc. And as for the car, they told me initially that I had to make a deposit of $1000+ (which was clearly not mentioned while I booked it via the app because if it was, I would definitely have second thoughts). I was rather astounded with the amount but considering my age and driving experience, I could understand why it was THAT expensive. We made an alternative agreement where I paid a $400 deposit (which was excluding the booking of the actual car btw) and paid $40 for insurance ($20/day). By the time we reached the hotel, my card was declined because I've exceeded my daily amount. So yes, it would have been nice to have two cards to settle both.

  2. The prices stated on is not the final price you'd have to pay. 
    I thought that the only price I had to pay was $428 but when we reached the front desk, they explained that additional charges actually was not included. Not that I mind because it was only $50 extra but still, something to take note of if you ever want to consider booking hotel rooms from such websites ya!

Moving on, I met up with Adilla first and when we got to the hotel, we were greeted by few of the most friendliest hotel staff. That was when they told me my card was declined but thank goodness for an ATM nearby.

The hotel was pretty secluded, but still easy to locate. There were a few cafes nearby (even a Fish & Co.) but we didn't get to explore the neighborhood much because it was raining pretty heavily that weekend. 

I've seen a lot of boutique hotels a lot lately but definitely nothing like this. I love the unique concept of local antiques with a slight hint of modern. 

The bed was big enough to fit the three of us and the table in the corner was actually a carom board. 

Of course, being the typical city girls that we are, we used it as a table. 

Our plans throughout those two days were pretty much ruined because of the heavy downpour but we still managed to go to celebfest - which was like an infestation of humans. Even if it weren't for celebfest, I personally wouldn't mind staying in the room the entire day. Just by looking at the batik prints, unique tiles and the rattan chair gave me a feeling of nostalgia. I loved every single moment of that weekend and I especially enjoyed the nights we would stay up till late and have heart to heart talks.

Thank you Ainul and Adilla for agreeing to do this with me (especially for being so incredibly patient with my driving) and thanks Hotel Indigo for the accommodation.

Till next time. Goodnight lovelies Xx 

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