Walking on Sunshine

Wednesday, 13 September 2017
I used to think that living in Singapore means that I'll always be able to survive warm weather conditions in countries which are supposedly said to be cooler. Oh boy was I wrong.

I've visited Australia three times now and all during the late summer-early autumn period. It can get very unpredictable and despite the cold winds, believe it or not, the sun seems a gazillion times hotter there. I believe there's a scientific (or possibly geographical) explanation for this but I'll leave that to the experts.

Whichever the case, sunscreen became my best friend. I remembered having to keep on slathering sunscreen on my arms and face every few hours because I could literally feel the heat going through my skin.

I don't know about you guys, but I heavily rely on social influencers/beauty gurus before getting a product - sometimes without realizing that there's a possibility they may be paid to only point out the good things.

I never usually thought of what makes a good sunscreen, and little did I know that there are various components that contributes to one.

I've recently been introduced to, where they did a study and tested out 135 sunscreens to see which is the best.

There are surprisingly many, many kinds. I thought they'd only come in lotion or sprays but apparently, there's a powder form too!

Their content contains the pretty basic components of a typical study. For example, the exemption criteria, a large population group (in this case, a variety of sunscreens) and the experiment itself. It was pretty informative and trust me, if I could understand it, so could you!

After reading the whole article, I figured that this was my biggest take home message:


Even if you aren't looking for a sunscreen, you'd come to realize that you're actually learning lots of useful stuff!

Now when you're in dilemma, you no longer have to ponder over multiple youtube videos and blog posts because now you can just visit the website which will tell it all!

Have a good week ahead lovelies! Xx
(Direct link to article, here.)

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